Does the Midas Method work anywhere in the world?

Of course we recommend you use William Hill & Betfair for the software and Bet365 or Best Odds bookie for the tips unless you are from USA, then you can use Twinspires to bet with both the system and our tips.

Can I use this Software at anytime of day?

The main system is best used at around midday, but can be used at any time after 9am each day. The Live System can be used live 10 minutes before each UK/IRE race.

How long does it take to get the bets on?

All you need to make the profits from the software we have stated is around 5-10 minutes a day. The selections are automatically selected, so all you need to do is place bets.

What are the system requirements for the software?

The software is a web based application, so it works through your web browser chrome/firefox/IE/Safari are all fine. It also works on mobile and tablet devices including iphone/ipad etc

What time do you tips selections get sent?

We will send the tips on Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday at Midday via email. We tip on these select days as we find tipster services that tip every day difficult to follow and often can't keep their profitability. Tipping three days is both managable for the user and we think increases our performance.

Are the tips and software for laying or backing horses?

They are both for backing horses.

Why do I need both tips and software?

The software is a mechanical way of picking winners, while the tips are based on manual form reading. Both techniques are profitable and compliment each other well.

How is this version 3.0 software different to the Midas Method 2.0 PDF?

We have kept the core principles of our profitable midas method systems, however we have incorporated a new range of filters to help you increase your profitability and adapt the system, these can be adjusted in the settings of the software. We have also added a bonus steamer and drifter system to allow you to monitor odds fluctuations.

I already have a copy of the Midas Method, do I need to pay again?

Existing active members will be upgraded for free, new or expired members need to purchase again.

What payment methods do you accept?

Our payment processor clickbank accepts PayPal and all major Debit/Credit Cards. If you can't use either of these please contact us.

Is the Midas Method Software easy to use, I know nothing about horse racing?

Yes the software and tips are very easy to understand and follow, but incredibly powerful.

I paid but didn't receive my product, HELP!

Please first check your junk email for an email for us. If you haven't received any notification please contact us here, and we will ensure you receive your product.

I love the system can I leave a testimonial?

We would love your testimonials to share with our readers, please contact us to tell us of your experience  the Midas Method, we would love to hear of your success!

Will the bookmaker limit my account if I win too much?

This can happen if you are using something other than betfair, but there are plenty of bookmakers to choose from, so just move on to the next one if the greedy bookmaker doesn’t want your business, you can find good ones here

Do I need to open loads of bookmaker accounts for this to work?

No, one is fine, although you will increase your profit margins by as much as 20% if you join all the bookmakers here

How much can I win with this software?

There is no limit on how much you can win, but based on our results you are looking at around 200 points profit over a 6 month period.

Is your system profitable at SP?

The systems with in the software are all profitable at BSP & SP, the way the systems work means you don't need to get on early at a good price. However the tips do rely on advanced prices and best odds guaranteed to maximise profitability. The prices we quote for tips are generally easily achieved if you place them when you get the email.

If I don't like the product can I get my money back?

Of course if you test the prodct and its not to your satisfaction, simply contact us and we will refund your money straight away.

If I wish to cancel, can I do this at anytime?

Of course, if you want to discontinue your membership at any time, simply contact us